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  • Powered by digital biomarkers,

    Neuronytics is a health discovery platform

    for organizations and individuals to build better health outcomes.



    Neuronytics enables anyone to measure, compare and share the activity on their autonomic nervous system (ANS) to help better predict, understand, prevent and treat non communicable diseases (NCD).

  • 1. Play

    World's First Biosensing Game Controller, the "Wedget" turns your breathing kinetic energy into game controls and measures physiological biomarkers during gameplay.
    No need to wear it! Grab it, place your thumb on the sensor, hold the "Wedget" in front of your mouth. Breathe in, breathe out to play, when the game tells you. All it takes is 3 minutes.

  • 2. Check

    We have made physiological biomarkers used by NASA, West Point, Olympic athletes, the Futbol Club Barcelona and others, available to you. Right at the end of gameplay, our algorithms crunch your biomarker data and update color-coded visual shorthands, progress indicators, sleek bar charts to show your current numbers and related trends, and help identify problems at an early stage. Once a day, once a week...: play to get and stay motivated.

  • 3. Contribute

    Increase others' knowledge, trade your data: with your employer for better workplace wellness, your doctor to further monitor your condition, pharmaceutical research to evaluate a treatment...

    It happens on the blockchain, it is decentralized, safe and anonymous. Only verified parties can access the platform. Trade your data to its full potential, get rewarded in cryptocurrencies - for full anonymity, or in redeemable rewards.

  • The Definition of "Healthy" is evolving and we are raising the standards.
    No appointment, nothing to wear.

    Neuronytics is engaging, safe and easy, confidential and secure.


    Have fun with breath-controlled games, always free to download.

    Check, manage & improve your physiological, mental and emotional focus.

  • "Neuronytics enables individuals and organizations to identify and share tangible, meaningful health metrics via a positive, user-centric platform, while contributing to advancing scientific knowledge. Our science-based solution helps promote the health of diverse populations."

    Celine Vignal, Chief Operating Officer

    "Decades of research showed the benefits of the measurement and analysis of ANS activity for public health. Neuro-immunology opened new horizons to regulate the health of the brain and body. Neuronytics combines and leverages these approaches."

    Adam K. Anderson, Chief Scientific Officer

  • Use Cases


    Neuronytics can be used to help estimate and stratify NCD-related health risk in various populations, evaluate the effectiveness of health and wellness programs, track diagnosed conditions and monitor treatment efficacy.

    Workplace Wellness

    Millennials and tangible data

    No needle, no swab, no clinical testing, no embarrassing questionnaire: with Neuronytics, employees play games, take breathers to let go of stress and collect tangible data, while employers analyze data, in aggregate, with none of the usual compliance intricacies, and can finally measure the actual impact of wellness programs, evaluate stress over time... oh, and reward their workforce with meaningful incentivization by paying for real data, in full anonymity.

    Patient Empowerment

    Addressing frustration with clarity

    Crucial as it is in chronic conditions, patient empowerment supports medication adherence, helps keep stress under control and fosters better two-way communication. Neuronytics is a companion for all those who have to deal with a condition on a daily basis. By sharing tangible digital biomarker data, and being rewarded for that, patients find common ground, they perceive their empowerment and are encouraged to participate in their therapies, which, in addition, neuromodulation may enhance.

    Pharmaceutical Research

    Additional monitoring of safety and efficacy

    ANS analysis has been widely used in clinical research for a decade, as a noninvasive measurement of autonomic function, and should be part of every clinical trial to further address safety, adverse effects and efficacy. Neuronytics enables to implement easy longitudinal testing of ANS activity for any cohort, bringing a wealth of data to analyze, in any phase of an evaluation. High granularity can be used to characterize specific sets of data and yield significant edge in the race to cure NCDs.

    Athletic Performance

    Optimize training, prevent injuries

    Astronauts aboard the ISS, professional athletes in football, soccer, track and field, basketball, hockey test their ANS to help physicians remotely anticipate health issues, or to optimize workouts and training regimens. Neuronytics brings this essential biosensing solution to any team: it is affordable, simple, and fun. Athletes play games, visualize their data, benchmark it against their peers, and share it with coaches, fitness trainers, doctors, in aggregate or individually.

  • Everyday, around the world, physicians, researchers and organizations use blood biomarkers and DNA to identify and track conditions and analyze disease mechanisms, typically based on investigative prerequisites. Resulting data is fragmented, disparate, stored in silos, and therefore very challenging for artificial intelligence (AI) frameworks.



    Biomarkers of the ANS are powerful predictors of nonspecific NCD-related risk and valuable assets in the monitoring of most NCDs. In addition, Neuronytics generates well-characterized data sets that are ideal candidates for AI.

  • A Large Body of Scientific Evidence




    Biomarkers of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) have been thoroughly studied.

    20,000+ scientific publications were released on the topic in the past 15 years.

    Our innovation leverages well-established science to routinely measure and test ANS activity with a non-invasive and baselined solution.




    ANS Test


    ANS tests are likely the next big thing in population health and open up new horizons for preventive programs. These non invasive tests hold unique advantages as broad spectrum health indicators, with applications through all stages of preventive health: primary, secondary and tertiary.


    Major global organizations today recommend the use of ANS tests at epidemiological level, to help predict the risk of NCDs - diabetes, cancers, heart diseases, depression, obesity...


    The biomarkers of the ANS which we measure include:

    HRV: Heart rate variability is an established marker of age evolution, a predictor of chronic conditions and a strong indicator of overall health and performance.

    RSA: Respiratory sinus arrhythmia is the most accurate real time measurement of the physiological impact of stress, with breathing frequency as a baseline.


    Breathing Frequency: Did you know that Zen monks who reach the highest states of meditation reduce their breathing to about 6 breaths a minute, from 15 and more for the rest of us? 6 breathing cycles per minute is called "0.1 Hz breathing frequency" and today used by science as a powerful and accurate baseline for the screening of ANS activity.


    Sample reference study



    In addition to testing the ANS, Neuronytics coaches users to train their brain and engage the healing and rejuvenating powers of the vagus nerve.


    In recent years, science has uncovered the beneficial effects of vagal nerve activation in NCDs. Neuromodulation - a.k.a. Neuro-immunology - may help treat such conditions as diabetes, heart diseases, cancers, and help understand their pathophysiological and behavioral risk factors.


    By merging ANS testing and neuromodulation, Neuronytics enables a cost-effective and powerful way to both detect, predict, improve and monitor NCDs in all kinds of preventive health initiatives, whether at community, company, country level.


    Sample reference study

  • Serious Games


    Although so-called "Serious Gaming" is a relatively new field, studies have shown how engagement in health and wellness may be increased by incentive-based games. Neuronytics games are built on the three main pillars of serious gaming: they come in the form of bite sized experiences - just a few minutes, they provide user with immediate feedback - update of one's status at the end of gameplay, and deliver big picture relevancy - benchmark analytics with peers. Neuronytics makes it easy and transparent for any organization to incentivize repeat usage, increase contributions and foster the sense of cooperation to a larger objective.

    Neuronytics games are developed by Zenytime Game Studios.


    Sample reference study


    "Taking a breather: Two-minute 0.1 Hz breathing intervention enhances autonomic balance."

    This Neuronytics/Cornell University study, selected for the 2017 Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference, shows that a brief guided breathing intervention results in immediate healthy autonomic physiology enhancement in twenty participants, ranging in age from 18 to 47 ans. Preliminary data suggest the physiological benefits can extend past the 2-minute practice, consistent with the brain learning a short-term healthy autonomic balance (*) response. Daily practice may increase these physiological benefits to extend throughout the day, from as little as 2 minutes.

  • (*) What is "Autonomic Balance"?

    The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) regulates all the functions necessary to maintain life.
    The ANS controls the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS), also called "rest, repair and rebuild", that stimulates your immune system and optimizes energy management and recovery, and the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS), a.k.a. “fight or flight”, that “speeds you up” and increases energy expenditure.
    Modern life makes the SNS dominate while the PNS is shut down: "Autonomic Balance" is observed when PNS functions are brought to healthy levels.

  • "In the age of the experience, our solution enables in-depth and transparent capture and sharing of health data to improve individual engagement and advocacy within any organization or program. Everyone's contribution is rewarded."

    Francois de Yrigoyen, Chief Revenue Officer

    "Neuronytics aligns advanced user experience and intelligent services to create a novel layer of analytics that adds significant value between people and preventive health systems. We blend sensors, serious games, blockchain and AI to enable a seamless knowledge sharing platform."

    Pierre Bonnat, Chief Executive Officer

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